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Rodent Management Service

Rodent Management Service

Rats and mice incisors never stop growing in their entire lifetime. They also need to gnaw continuously to keep their incisors in great shape. This is the first reason they’re considered pests. Their constant gnawing can cause extensive damage to your home, property, food, furniture, and more.

The rodents live with the man or near the man and are dependent on man are known as commensal rodents. There are three species of commensal rodents which are of most concerned with the pest control professional.

  • The House Mouse                         :           Mus musculus


  • The Roof Rat or Black Rat            :           Rattus rattus


  • The Norway Rat or Brown Rat      :           Rattus norvegicus


How we know about Rodent infestation: Following are the main signs of rodent infestation

Tracks of footprints: Footprints and tail drags of rats can be seen in dusty areas.

Droppings:  Rodent trapping are easily visible in those area which have rodent frequent activities.

Gnaw Marks: To give proper shape and size to their teeth rats and mice always cut hard surface or things which indicates their presence.

Burrows: Mostly Norway rat make burrow along foundations and walls, beneath shrubbery or debris.

Grease Marks: Rodents often use same runways for travelling, which cause grease markings around rafters, beams, pipes and vertical surfaces.

Urine Stains: Rodent stains are visible in a UV black light but you may detect a musky scent.

Why you need regular rodent control


  • They spread diseases.

Rodents carry numerous diseases and have been responsible for massive plagues in human. Rats and mice are responsible for transmitting serious diseases, such as the hantavirus, salmonella, leptospirosis and more.

  • They destroy property & crops

To keep their teeth from outgrowing their bodies Rats and mice love to chew something. Due to this habit, they are responsible for huge damage for properties, crops and food stuffs.

Innovative pest management way to control Rats and Mice

Innovative Pest Management uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to control rodents. Our IPM program is based on 4 Eprinciple

    • Eliminate entry: To avoid rodents rentry from outside we worked with our customers to cloase all possible rodent entry points.
    • Eliminate food: Food and water is most essential eliments for any pest survival and our experts suggest our customers to how to eliminate foods and water for rats and mice.
    • Eliminate shelter: For sucessful rodent plan, need to remove all possible rodent hiding places from the premises.
    • Eliminate population: Innovative pest management expert will apply three layer of defecnce practice to eliminate rodent polpulation from your premises in which rodent baits will be used only on the exteriors of the building in properly locked tamper proof Rodent bait station Boxes. For indoor control of rats and mice Glue boards will be used inside glue stations.

Before undertaking any control measures, a thorough inspection should be carried out in and around the premises to worked out best solution for your premises by our experts.

How can I keep my home or office rodent free?


  • Remove easily available rodent water sources by repairing leaky faucets or pipes indoors and outdoors.
  • Keep rubbish or food waste in metal or hard plastic containers.
  • Don’t leave any food item open overnight, as these can be highly attractive to the rodents.
  • Decrease natural food sources near the property by gathering any tree fruit and nuts promptly when they fall to the ground.
  • Inspect building openings and utility entries for cracks of 1/4-inch or larger and sealed properly.
  • Mount storage sheds on concrete slabs to discourage tunneling.
  • Prune ​shrubs or over hanging plants regular so that rodent can’t use them for travelling or making harborage.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of re-invasion and continue to manage all the above.