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Pest Bird Prevention Service

Pest Bird Prevention Service

Pest Birds (Pigeon, Sparrow and Mynah) can pose numerous challenges to commercial facilities. Birds often roost on building ledges and rooftops, perch in niches and on signs and build nests on your property. Their droppings are dangerous and can carry diseases. Bird droppings are a leading cause of slip and fall accidents in commercial facilities and can spoil an entire products/ raw material.

Innovative Pest Management Bird Prevention Service: 

Take advantage of cutting-edge technology: Our licensed technicians use the most effective and up-to-date bird control methods available which include installation of netting, spikes and repellent gels.


Eradicate health & safety and audit issues: Methods applied to prevent pest birds protects more than 60 diseases related to bird dropping and also help customers to clear their international (HACCP, GMP, FSSA, ISO etc.) and national audit concerns.


Use humane bird control: We take pride in treating pest birds in the most humane manner possible.

Continue prevention: Our Bird Prevention program provides year-round maintenance to keep birds away from customers premises.


Guaranteed: We give 3 years guarantee of products used in pest bird prevention service.